Medicare supplement plans: purchase it to cover the medical expenses not covered by General Medicare policies

Medicare supplement plans help you to bear some of the healthcare costs which are not covered in a general Medicare policy. You can pay things like deductibles, coinsurance or copayments by Medicare supplement plan. There are plenty of private companies available in the market from whom you can purchase these plans.

Certain important things to consider:

While purchasing a Medicare supplement plan you should consider a few things which will help you to buy the right plan for you.

  • You should purchase the plan from any of the private healthcare agencies which is licensed in your state.
  • This plan will be applicable for a single person. So, if you are planning to have such a plan for your spouse as well you need to purchase two separate plans.
  • You will need to pay monthly premium to your insurance company. Till the moment you pay the monthly premium your insurance company must provide you the service as per the standard process of such policies.

How you get this policy:

You will be able to apply for the Medicare supplement plans only when you have the original Medicare policy. You need to pay the major Medicare costs by your original Medicare policy first and then the other expense parts which are not covered by the original policy can be paid by the supplement plan which you have purchased. So, you can not consider these plans as a stand-alone method of paying your medical bills.

Different Medicare plans:

Medicare Supplement plans 2019 will vary from Plan A, B, C, D, F, G, K, L, M and N. There are different benefits which are associated with these plans. So, before choosing to purchase any such plan you have to know for which reason you want a supplement plan.

Then only your choice of supplement plan will be perfect. Medicare Supplement Plan F and N are considered to be the plans in which more advantages are available together. However, the premium for the same will also be on the higher side. So, before choosing the plan go through the policy agreements carefully.

You need to have both the things together Medicare plan A and B to get the full advantage of the health policies. Having better understanding on this will be a crucial thing because when it comes to medical emergencies you will always want to keep you and your family absolutely safe. You will always want to make your financial burden less by taking the right Medicare supplement plans all in advance.

It is all about the Medicare Supplement Plans


Medicare Supplement Plans are nothing but some kind of insurance policy that works besides original Medicare plan. Original Medicare is likely to pay around 80% of your medical bills and the rest 20% is supposed to be covered by the Medicare Supplement Insurance.  This insurance basically gives coverage for various co-pays as well as few co-insurances related bills such as doctors’ charges, ambulance bill etc. These supplement plans are also called as Medigap.

Eligibility of Medicare Supplement Plans 2019

There are some eligibility criteria that one needs to fulfil in order avail the medicare supplement plans. First of all, one is required to be 65 years old or older. On the other hand, if someone is on the social security eligibility for at least 2 years is also eligible to go for the Medigap insurance.

More on the supplement plans

  • There are various aspects and things about medicare supplement plans that you are required to know in details. The first thing is to know about the monthly premiums. On the other hand, a single Medigap plan can be used for a single person. Medigap plan is not known to be compatible with medicare advantage plan.


  • Medicare supplement plans are generally standardized but not all the plans are provided everywhere. This is why you are required to do some extensive online research on different websites. This why you will be able to know the side-by-side comparisons on separate plans offered in different places.

medicare supplement plans in 2019

  • There are many people who already got benefited by these supplement plans. There are plenty of benefits that you are guaranteed to avail if you go for such supplement insurance. There are hardly any drawbacks or disadvantages of these plans. Hence, it is a win-win situation for you.


  • When you go for a specific private insurance company, it is important for you to do some extensive online research on a company’s services and rates. The more you research, the better it will be for you. You are just required to abide by some particular terms and conditions.


  • On the other hand, you can also look for the customers’ feedbacks and reviews on different insurance companies’ services. This way you will be able to understand which company will be the best option in this regard. Words of mouth can also prove to be effective in many ways. Nevertheless, it all depends on your personal preference and need as to which insurance company you want to avail service from.


Enroll yourself in the best Medicare supplement plans

Do you already have an advantage plan in action? Are you thinking of changing the plan and getting something else? Well, there are the medical supplement plans you can always think of going for. These supplement plans will be covering most of your charged services, however, you need to choose your standard supplement plan in the correct manner.

There are several Medicare Supplement Plans 2019 present and each of them has a different purpose to serve. There are the plans N and M. there is also the plan F which is said to be one of the most comprehensive plans out of the other standardized plans. This article will be talking about the other plan N, which is also quite a good alternative to your already existing advantage plan.

The plans under your Medicare advantage can be changed based on every year. You can get a change in the benefits as offered by these medical supplement plans. There might even be an increase in the amount of premium that you are paying already or it might so happen that the plan you have gone for, will note renewing from the next year. In such cases, you will have to think of an alternative to your medicare supplement plans. For this purpose, you can always take a loot at the other plan N for the purpose of an alternative.

All you need to know about the plan N

This particular Medicare supplement plans, N, was introduced in the year 2010, in the month of June. This plan can be believed to be one of the modern supplement plans which is there. The best part about the plan N is that it will be offering you a lot of freedom which the Advantage plan used to offer. Also, the amount of premium you need to pay for this plan is pretty low. In fact, this particular plan N can even prove to cost you a lower amount of premium than what is offered by the other advantage plans as well. Th benefits which are provided by the plan N are extremely based on good benefits.

Benefits under the part A and part B

  • The part A of the Medicare is inclusive of:
  • The deductible of the hospital part A
  • The coinsurance given by the hospital Part A
  • Anything related to blood
  • The coinsurance or the co-payment in hospice
  • The part B of the Medicare supplement plans also includes blood and insurance of the outpatient

Know exactly what Medicare supplement plans are

Medicare supplement plans are those plans which you take on with your original Medicare so that you have much less to pay during your emergencies or when you are running low on money. These supplement plans are taken on by the people because they cover most of the expenses and mostly those that your original Medicare does not cover. However, these plans are sold by private companies and you do have to pay your monthly premiums to keep the plan going and active so that it comes to your rescue and help you in your need when you are in a state of emergency.

Pointers to be remembered about Medicare supplement plans

  • Choose wisely

There are a whole lot of Medicare supplement plans out there within your grasp to choose from. However, even though there are many, not all of the plans will be required by you. There are companies who will try to sell you plans that actually do not have any benefit according to your requirements. This is where you will have to be very careful while choosing your plan. Consult profusely with an agent or company who knows about your requirements and will help find the exact plan that you will need to invest in.

medicare supplement plans for 2019

  • Coverage

A single Medicare supplement plan for 2019 will cover the expenses of only one person. It is imperative for you to know exactly what your plan will help you cover and who is it for. There are doctors who accept Medicare but there are many who do not. You need to know that only one policy will cover one person and not the whole family. It is important that every member of the family has a Medicare plan for themselves.


Medicare supplement plans are one of the best things that you can avail to and these plans aspire to help people as much as they can in their time of need and emergencies. All you need to do is avail a plan and pay your monthly premiums accordingly and you will get the results of your investment when you actually need and require them. It is important for you to know every nook and corner of the plans that you are availing and make sure to seek expert help. These experts will help you choose the exact plan that you need to invest in.

Choose a Medicare Advantage Plan know its Pros and Cons

The most and foremost important thing you must be aware of is that Medicare Advantage plans covers urgent and emergency care cover always. Medicare Advantage plans cover Traditional Medicare services except for the hospice and some clinical research. The Traditional Medicare covers clinical research and hospice costs, even if an individual has MA plan.



Medicare Advantage plans provide extra coverage such as wellness programs, vision, hearing, dental and other health programs. Include the prescription drug coverage the Medicare Part D. apart from the premium of Part B; you may pay for Medicare Advantage plan a monthly premium.


Medicare Advantage is almost a plan type such as pay-as-you-go. Many plans have little or zero premium; of course the Part B Medicare premium must be paid. Therefore, as monthly, you may save money than having enrolled with a Medigap Plan. In case, you visit your doctor occasionally, you may require co-pay, based on the treatment or service you acquire. A person, who does not use often medical providers and see doctors frequently, may easily save per month money on having Medicare Advantage plans.  Quotes for Advantage Plans 2019 can be found at


Typically, Medicare Advantage is regarded to be as all-in-one program. Having a Medicare card is enough as it can be used for to avail the benefits of hospital, medical and also the prescription drug. It means all the benefits will be covered with this card and there is no need for separate Medicare or supplement cards.

advantage plans 2019


Medicare Advantage plans are available only by county. There may be lot of variation in the plans between two counties and so each Medicare Advantage plan is not the same as Medigap plans and this is a disadvantage. There are times when even in the same county it is different.


Medicare advantage plans alter their coverage and benefits each year. Thus, having the same plan the next year means you must go through the plan to know the changes and see if it suits your requirements to continue. In case you have doubts, you must contact them or consult an advisor to know about the plan details.

You are responsible for co-insurance and co-pays associated and a person requiring to visit multiple doctors, undergo treatments, tests or hospitalizations may find unexpectedly high costs owing to the cost-sharing plans.


Medicare Advantage plans; some, not all need you to take drug coverage. Thus, ensure before you enroll, about the drug part if you are covered in the plan. However, if not and you take coverage for drug, ascertain each drug is covered.