Choose a Medicare Advantage Plan know its Pros and Cons

The most and foremost important thing you must be aware of is that Medicare Advantage plans covers urgent and emergency care cover always. Medicare Advantage plans cover Traditional Medicare services except for the hospice and some clinical research. The Traditional Medicare covers clinical research and hospice costs, even if an individual has MA plan.



Medicare Advantage plans provide extra coverage such as wellness programs, vision, hearing, dental and other health programs. Include the prescription drug coverage the Medicare Part D. apart from the premium of Part B; you may pay for Medicare Advantage plan a monthly premium.


Medicare Advantage is almost a plan type such as pay-as-you-go. Many plans have little or zero premium; of course the Part B Medicare premium must be paid. Therefore, as monthly, you may save money than having enrolled with a Medigap Plan. In case, you visit your doctor occasionally, you may require co-pay, based on the treatment or service you acquire. A person, who does not use often medical providers and see doctors frequently, may easily save per month money on having Medicare Advantage plans.  Quotes for Advantage Plans 2019 can be found at


Typically, Medicare Advantage is regarded to be as all-in-one program. Having a Medicare card is enough as it can be used for to avail the benefits of hospital, medical and also the prescription drug. It means all the benefits will be covered with this card and there is no need for separate Medicare or supplement cards.

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Medicare Advantage plans are available only by county. There may be lot of variation in the plans between two counties and so each Medicare Advantage plan is not the same as Medigap plans and this is a disadvantage. There are times when even in the same county it is different.


Medicare advantage plans alter their coverage and benefits each year. Thus, having the same plan the next year means you must go through the plan to know the changes and see if it suits your requirements to continue. In case you have doubts, you must contact them or consult an advisor to know about the plan details.

You are responsible for co-insurance and co-pays associated and a person requiring to visit multiple doctors, undergo treatments, tests or hospitalizations may find unexpectedly high costs owing to the cost-sharing plans.


Medicare Advantage plans; some, not all need you to take drug coverage. Thus, ensure before you enroll, about the drug part if you are covered in the plan. However, if not and you take coverage for drug, ascertain each drug is covered.